Toll Free Number Solutions

Get Toll Free Number, A Brand Identity for Your Organization, Today

Your business is all about the ease with which your customers and clients can connect with you. Connecting over a call does not have to be a burden on their pocket; neither should it be a tedious task for your communications and support team. Toll Free numbers prove to be an excellent solution. Not only they provide a distinct image to your business, they are quickly recognized and easily memorized by people. Spark TG is toll free service provider that has reserved a plenty of Toll-free numbers with ‘1800' prefix in its inventory. We even have a range of mobile numbers reserved for your organization.

Benefits of Toll Free Number
  • Blended Calling- Allows agent's to not only answer customer calls but also call back for service, sales, follow-ups etc

  • Real-Time Call Statistics- Manage your agent's queues in real-time knowing the call flow and agent availabilty

  • Call Reports & Recordings- Analyse Calls & Agent Reports along with complete recordings of all the calls in order to improve your customer service

  • Real-Time Call Monitoring - Monitor and mentor your agent's in real-time using spy & whisper mode

  • Single Level IVR - Handle your customer calls smartly by giving them an option to reach right department/agent


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