[COVID-19 Update] Staying safe and supporting our customers

[COVID-19 Update] Staying safe and supporting our customers

The last few days have been tough on everyone and we hope you have been able to make changes in your life to practice social distancing and to help #FlattentheCurve. Businesses have also had to make a lot of changes and some of them rather suddenly.

We would like to offer assurance that Exotel is here to support you and it is business as usual for us. As you already know, Exotel is ISO 27001 certified. As mandated by the certification, our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is in place to manage situations just like this one. In accordance with our BCP, we have processes to ensure the availability of our platform, product and services at the SLAs and uptimes we have promised.

At our end, we are completely committed to #FlatteningtheCurve. As of this week, Exotel has become a completely remote workforce until we are able to safely work out of the office again. Our offices have been shut down and all our employees are working from home. Since our infrastructure and policies always supported remote working, we have been able to do so with minimal disruption. As a team that has worked remotely on and off over the last few years, we have put together a guide that gives you some quick tips for managing remote customer-facing teams.


We are happy to help with any partner questions if you are looking for more information about the partner program.